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to be the only one interlocutor of web services together with the deep knowledge acquired have generated, over the years, security and trust on the part of our customers towards Nyx.
We present an overview of our services:


Developing a website means technically transforming ideas, structure and agreed content into codes in order to obtain in a simple and effective way an excellent result.

It is therefore necessary to support and guide the customer towards the best technical solution, choosing from time to time the type of technology most suitable to achieve the goal set. Each site is tailored to the needs of the specific customer.

web applications

The ability to connect remotely to an application, via an Internet connection and without worrying about memory or computing capacity of the device used, greatly facilitates and increases the speed of work.

We create Web Applications of any complexity but with maximum ease of use. We develop in Microsoft.Net, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Xml, Html5, Java, Css3, AngularJS environment.

graphics & design
for your website

Graphically creating a website means watching, listening, imagining and then starting to draw to give substance to ideas and intuitions.

We cannot limit ourselves to what is explained and requested by the customer, but we must also document his activity, evaluate the market in which he operates and observe his competition. It is essential to support and help the customer to create the most effective image to capture the attention and interest of its market.

wordpress & c.

Change is the order of the day in any business sector. Updating and making visible in real time the offer of its products and services is vital in an increasingly competitive market. The fastest way is to update the contents of your site yourself.

for this reason we create websites, templates and components tailored to your needs using the most popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, which allow the user to easily manage the integration and modification of content.

seo & sem campaign

Digital Marketing activities, carried out in order to channel into your website the largest possible number of users interested in the content offered. AdWords is a Google service that offers users the opportunity to create advertising campaigns visible within the results of the search engine.

For those who need to promote their products or services, they can carve out a space in the SERPs with a minimal investment, making themselves more visible to users.

social content network
for companies

Social networks represent an essential communication channel for the company in order to implement a winning business strategy. Users who have a profile on at least one of the social networks are always increasing and this presence allows them to increase the visibility of their site.

Creating an effective social profile capable of transmitting to the market the correct corporate identity of your brand requires: high quality content and image.


Manage your products and services online: expand your business both nationally and internationally, with a personalized service in detail in response to every type of request. Our customer service includes free strategic consultancy and a market analysis that allows you to understand if your business is suitable for online sales.

A customized template on an e-commerce platform diversified according to the set budget, course to independently manage store updates, assistance for any request for support, optimization and performance improvement.

social media editor

The social media editor is the most requested professional figure by companies at the moment. He works in publishing individually or as part of a team. It supports those activities that do not have staff to dedicate to editing texts, images with the aim of integrating corporate communication in social channels to strengthen their online presence.

Creation of company pages, management of social channels, loading and updating of texts provided by the company according to the established editorial plan, care and creation of images. The channels handled by our team are Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

photo shoots

The creation of a website cannot ignore the quality of the images: you need high resolution photos capable of making the end user linger even for a few minutes. Regardless of the communication channel, presenting yourself with an effective photographic visual is fundamental for the company's impressions. 

For those who do not have professional high definition images, Nyx provides versatile support by assisting companies in the creation of a photo-retouching image reportage to show the environments - still life of products for an ecommerce site. 

experience & training

the professional figures of the team

Front-end Development
Front-end development means what is visible of a web application to the user and the elements with which it interacts.

The interface for displaying the words you are reading resides on the front-end of this site.

Back-end Development
This means everything related to the construction and maintenance of the part not visible to the user of a web application: the server side and the database. In other words, everything that happens behind the words you are reading. 

Full-stack Development
The full-stack developer has expertise in all areas of web application development, from initial concept to final distribution. The most widely used programming languages are JQuery, Java and Angular JS.

Web Design
The functions of web design can be summarized in the ability to combine the customer's needs with those of users, choosing the most appropriate technology and style to use, preparing the graphic layouts and designing the organization of all components. 

Web Development
The web developer or web architect is similar to an umbrella covering all web development roles. It takes care of assembly, structure and automation and is fundamental in the transfer of desktop applications on the web.

UI Development
Similar to front-end development, the User Interface development part involves the use of technologies accessible to the user but requires attention and emphasis on the aesthetic and design part of the site (typography, iconography, design).

our way of working
we want to communicate that

The experience and skills of our team allow us to deal with any type of project with serenity. The mix of technique and creativity that has always been present in the group allows us to freely conceive, develop and digitally transfer our ideas to the computers of our customers.

Over the years we have refined our knowledge and each of us, keeping an overview of the web world, has specialized in a specific area. We spend 30% of our time on training, updating on new technologies and thinking about their use in our projects.

What is important to Nyx is the end result and customer satisfaction; we know that the best way to achieve this is to try not to overlap areas of expertise within the team for the development of high professionalism and the provision of quick responses.

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