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nyx.solutions a new web space

Visual communication helps to spread the value of corporate capital through images and creates value itself. Nyx Solutions presents nyx.solutions a new web space designed to tell about oneself

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pattern, graphic collection

Nyx continues on the path of exploration and constant search for inspiration. Together, we present an exploratory and creative study of the concept of structural composition that arises from significant symbols up to

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2020, sales tools to reflect on

Web support article published on the linkedin channel 11 November 2020 According to some data, 2020 is becoming more and more the year in which we try to invest in artificial intelligence. But say

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online purchase

today, one in 4 Italians buy online

We wanted to report some data from the Bocconi University of a video of November 6 “snack news corriere TV” on the subject of online shopping in our opinion, very interesting. “How they have changed

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technological influence in new expressions

For over 20 years, the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary have been reporting new terms in the English language. This year there is an exception, special updates will be published shortly thereafter during the Covid-19 emergency, a historical period

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video chat, set and shot

How many of us, in video chat, peek behind the silhouette of the person we are talking to? Are you curious to steal details of the context in which the other finds himself? Our

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marketing and sales alignment

The topic is well known and has already been covered countless times by companies, consultants and industry experts through articles, books, blogs, presentations, corporate websites and on other occasions.

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indexing & quality texts

What is the way to reach the top positions in the Google search engine. For some time, the people in the sector have been committed to writing content following the

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