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Nyx is an Italian company founded in 2004, located in Seregno. He lives the world of the web with passion and professionalism. It has been able to question itself every time the needs and dynamics of this ever-expanding market demanded it.

Has dedicated its resources, and continues to do so, to stay up to date and meet the needs of small-medium-sized enterprises that need innovation and digital strategies.

His versatility in the IT field allowed her to have a complete view of the web, where it has always been committed so ethical And professionalDeep ability to transform public requests into satisfactory results, immediacy in response and represent L'unique interlocutor for the support services of the activities on the net, are for Nyx the real mission. Has known over the years avail of internal and external collaborators of the company capable of maintaining and consolidate the peculiarities that distinguish it from others reality of the same sector.

From the beginning, Nyx Solutions has expressed a willingness to offer a quality service focusing on loyalty of the customer, a goal that has generated positive word of mouth over time. 

The company has mainly focused on software development, on the personalization of web application services and on the advertising graphics of local companies.


After ten years of activity, social changes and the evolution of the network have led Nyx Solutions customers to ask for an additional effort from of the company in the care of hypertexts and graphics for to build a tailor-made service of user.

Thus began another challenge: the company decides to invest more in formation of its collaborators in the development of the web design; from simple showcase portals to allAnd interactive views, from an HTML language up annex'arrival of new frameworks. The supply of support services to online activities it was the next step, born from the need to follow not only the development of the commissioned project, but also to guarantee user assistance

Represent the only one interlocutor of web services for their customers, together with the experience gained, over the years they have generated security and trust in Nyx Solutions.

team perfect mix of creativity and technique


Web Developer | CEO

It is the real beating heart of NYX. His experience and skills in the world of the Web help the team to tackle even the most complex tasks with the necessary serenity. He is not satisfied with the simple result, but always wants to obtain the most functional and most innovative solution. He wanted to be a mountain guide but for now he is content to lead the team ...


Web Designer | Social Editor

He has the gift of knowing how to create innovative and interactive solutions, designed and developed according to the specific use that customers will make of them. Its creative and development decisions are based on progressive web principles, user needs and client goals. She would have liked to live and travel the world as an artist ... today, she makes painting her passion.


Senior Developer

Also known as the invisible man, since he takes care of everything that the customer user does not see when using our applications, Simone is an expert in everything related to the server, database and application part. He has great experience and has a thorough knowledge of .Net, C#, SQL and other languages of the web landscape. He has always been in Nyx and even if he is "invisible" ... you can see him well ...



It is curious by nature. He spends half of his time on the web and the other half talking to customers and visiting their companies and seeing their products. It is not enough for him to understand who he is, what he does and what the customer wants to get from our services. It documents, analyzes and synthesizes information to create clear, captivating and impactful texts. He is of the sign of virgo, and therefore a perfectionist ...


Senior Developer

Lead the front-end strategy and development. In addition to the skills and technical knowledge of his role, Fabio manages to brilliantly combine the technical and creative aspects. It is the real glue between the visual design part and the pure development part and manages to translate customer requests into applications that are a pleasure to use. Our Napoleon ...



This is what makes everyone scrutinize from personnel management to debt collection, frightening those who do not meet the company's requests. When he is in the office, no one can come and go, he dictates the law, controls and "marks the territory" but he is also the one who in the most difficult moments manages to snatch a smile and affection from you. Without him it wouldn't be the same studio ...

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