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Guess who?
In this pattern there is a symbol that doesn't respect the anti-covid rules, what is it?

[ ... ] we would like to interpret an image taken from readings, a moment of the day in Nyx or a concept that we would like to share and "make it our own". How? Translating it with a set of signs to which we give a personal meaning in the legend that follows in the second photo.  

of the meaning of the symbols represented in this graphic you can discover not only how Nyx "thinks", "sees" or "interprets", but also the generation of a pattern that can be useful to customize the visual identity of the brand. Be careful though, in this pattern there is a symbol that does not respect the anti-covid rules, guess what it is

to visually convey the essence of Nyx and what it does every day with passion and dedication looking for "Let's do something different". We started on our Instagram profile to post some images of the website, or works of our own production but this structure was simply a copy of what was already visible on our portal.

- no! it wasn't the feed we wanted to get.

we changed our approach, trying to talk about the topics we were interested in through a graphic composition made of images sometimes ours and sometimes revisited. "After all", we thought...
"in the creation of websites, most of the time we use images purchased on portals known for their high quality and because customers do not have images suitable for the final use". We didn't think this route was right either. Let's reset and start from thebeginning!

"Pictures can say anything they want them to say."
It is necessary to"Tell a story in simple language".

(from the book "Sowlike an artist" Austin Kleon)

are means by which you communicate. This means that the signs that compose them acquire a logical sense only if they are organized and connected to each other by precise rules, by a series of relationships for which each sign is defined by the connections with the other signs.
Starting from this concept also photos and drawings represent visual languages able to communicate; if repeated endlessly in a regular way, they can become interesting motifs suitable for different contexts. 

that are generated define the relationship between objects and can be used in graphic design to field an area or to create a custom background that enhances a content. Even from everyday life we can collect data that encoded through our visual language, "data drawing", are able to create very interesting patterns.

"Build your visual language, did you know that everything you see and everything you like can become material to draw your data? Look at the world, collect data, analyze, organize and categorize, choose the shapes, colors and visual materials that can represent this data".

(from the book "Observe, collect, draw! A visual diary. Discover the patterns in your daily life" by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec).

- and now let's start with ourInstagram data drawing:

  1. we choose an image or a daily occurrence of Nyx that we want to communicate;
  2. We build the legend through signs representing the data whose meaning must be clear for the reading of the image.

In this way, we can through our interpretation create patterns and graphic compositions hoping that they will be of useful inspiration to others.

Let's see what happens and share our designs with the community #deardata #observecollectdraw

Solution guess who?
Among the acquaintances within the same circle there is one without a mask(red circle).