e-commerce, sales integration during and after the Emergency

Daily life and ours consumption habits, with the Coronavirus, are undergoing radical changes leading us to reflect on how to transform our behaviors, study new solutions and models, adopt new technologies for a COVID19 coexistence even after quarantine. The request for this social distancing will allow us to reflect on what were the aspects that have held back the digital consumption: our habits, human relationships and relationships established with objects. 

A behavioral routine capable until now of creating psychophysical stability of the person. 
The shopping habits and the mode of interaction of people with the brand will change: we are getting used to staying more at home, convincing ourselves that this period of restrictions will still be long and we find comfort in products that help to distract while the same marketers will have to review their way of campaigning.

Waiting for most of the sectors to get more and more in a 'digital optics, e-Commerce can also be an alternative for those activities that until now were only managed on site. Offering personalized services to satisfy most needs from the comfort of your home with the awareness that not everyone lends themselves to online sales can be an idea to stand out on the market.

Let's try to understand briefly what the others are benefits of this choice:

  • reduction of physical expenses such as rent, electricity, water, space maintenance compared to a brick shop;
  • elimination of gatherings, time savings, better management;
  • opening h 24;
  • wider stock availability;
  • the sale can be aimed at an international market.

There choice among the many and different solutions on the market for the development of an e-Commerce it mainly depends on three basic factors:

  • the type of needs,
  • available budget e
  • the business you want to achieve.

While the fundamental tools for a complete management of a professional and personalized shop we can list them below:

  • buying a domain (if you don't already own it); do you want to understand how to choose the correct name for your site? Read more about the post "how to choose the domain name";
  • the purchase of a web-hosting space on which to install a CMS;
  • assistance from a web agency.


The value added than one web-agency is capable of giving in the making of a e-commerce compared to all the other solutions that are found on the market today, it is certainly the possibility of customize together with the user the website by making his own available technical-graphic knowledge to perform all operations e adequate assistance for any kind of problem.

With this we would like to clarify that in this emergency COVID-19, no one has the magic formula for be successful in your business but what we know for sure is that working will be different with new awareness that they will develop new ways of approaching the market and work.