e-commerce becomes a commodity in the "New Normal"

There online selling was the protagonist of the lockdown and continues to be a fundamental part of our business. Live chat, video, social, webinar, on-demand training, are becoming a daily part of the communication strategies of the "New Normal".

Many web users, after this experience, have thought about renewing and / or integrating new ones tools on its website; to make browsing and buying more intuitive. While some functions, out of necessity, have been transformed into how to use: from live to remote. From art to fashion, from design to architecture, many are the realities that are aiming at the true essence of yesterday's craftsmanship using today's technological language.

Although the communication of the Made in Italy still struggling to abandon old habits, is working on the importance of having a secure technical support. Turning to structures with valid experiences that are able to develop and support you immediately, makes an online sale a quality sale. Companies have acquired the awareness of how certain aspects affect the development of a good project; it is not enough that it is done well but it must be communicated, told, supported, distributed and served well. Success in selling a e-Commerce is its distribution (customer service, assistance, technical support, warehouse, advertising). 

"the digital is commodity"[...]"leader is who has developed a structured future project "(by Paola Carimati - portrait of Giovanni Gastel, interview with Francesco Morace published on Elle Decor n.0005 2020)