"We are in a situation from which it is possible to exit only with an international agreement", confirms Lisi. In the meantime, companies must understand whether it is more burdensome to replace Ga (and perhaps, especially in perspective, other services) or try to make it compliant. Or risk and delay, hoping that the international agreement will arrive; or trusting in the clemency of the Guarantor in ... Read more

After the declaration of the Privacy Guarantor in which "Google Analytics is in conflict with the GDPR" and the invitation to all activities that use it "ninety days to comply with EU rules" (see article ilSole24ore.com), they are coming these days, emails from users who appeal to art. 17 of the Regulation: the right "to be forgotten". ... Read more

On 23 June, several articles were published on ilSole24ore.com and garanteprivacy.it regarding the development of the legislation on the dissemination of Google Analytics data and their transfer to the United States. Issue already underway since 2020 with the invalidation of the Commission decision 2016/1250 on the adequacy of the protection offered by the EU-US shield regime ... Read more

WE DEFINE ACCESSIBILITY OF A WEBSITE According to AGID (the agency for digital Italy) “by accessibility we mean the ability of IT systems to provide services and provide usable information, without discrimination. Also by those who due to disabilities require assistive technologies or particular configurations "(https://www.agid.gov.it/it/design-servizi/accessibilita). Very important issue for companies that own ... Read more

The concept of sustainability addresses a wider sphere than the ecological sphere alone. It must be an integral part of all our activities. It is not only aimed at companies producing goods and services that are committed every day to the development of projects aimed at reducing CO₂. But it must also be addressed ... Read more

It is a term that we often find in newspaper articles but also in magazines of different genres. It is an immersive and open digital world, which can be accessed through virtual reality. Where you can go shopping, meet friends' avatars, actively participate in a meeting immersed in a VR environment while being ... Read more

In 2022, Nyx Solutions business cards get a new look. A communication tool aimed at expressing continuous creative and innovative research, the philosophy of the brand since 2004. "WE GIVE VALUE TO YOUR UNIQUENESS"

Energetic and vitamin is the color of Nyx Solutions of 2022. Lime, revitalizing, bright and everything in between. We are experiencing a period of socio-cultural transition in which reality and digital interactivity are increasingly merging. The thriller that until 2021 for Nyx, loudly proclaimed positivity, leaves ... Read more

Industry 5.0 is the title of the report that the European Commission published in January 2021. “Towards a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry”. A more cultural than technological revolution for the protection of the environment. COP26 & SERR Cop26 meetings and communications campaigns of which the EWWR (European Week for Waste Reduction) are already ... Read more

Visual communication helps to spread the value of corporate capital through images and creates value itself. Nyx Solutions presents nyx.solutions a new web space designed to tell stories with images that follow one after the other. Associations that express a reality other than the visual one: an imaginary journey, to rediscover the creative universe ... Read more