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We create e-commerce websites and web applications.

Nyx Solutions is an Italian company born in 2004, located in Seregno. He lives the world of the web with passion and professionalism. It has been able to question itself every time the needs and dynamics of this ever-expanding market demanded it.

Has dedicated its resources, and continues to do so, to stay up to date and meet the needs of small, medium-sized enterprises that need innovation and digital strategies.

His versatility in the IT field allowed her to have a complete view of the web, where it has always been committed so ethical And professional.

Deep ability to transform public requests into satisfying results. THEimmediacy in the response. To be L'unique interlocutor - without intermediaries - for i support services of the activities on the net, represents for Nyx the real mission.

what do we do

Nyx web services are specific and suitable for any gender and company size.

Web applications
Web sites
Corporate social network
WordPress CMS

seo & sem advertising

The expertise and experience of a team of professionals is made available to customers who guarantee immediate answers.

How do we do it
in an ethical way

The professionalism of the team allows to realize different project themes.

Web Designers
Web Developers
Front-end Developers
Back-end Developers

UI Developers

Experience and transversal skills that come together to pursue the same objectives in order to always guarantee the best results.

projects recent

web services we deal with

creation of websites & e-commerce

We develop every type of website, using the platform that is best suited to the project that is commissioned from time to time and the type of use required.

development of
web applications

We create custom web applications for every need. We develop in Microsoft.Net, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Xml, Html5, Java, Css3, AngularJS environment.

Graphics & design for your website

We take care of the graphic creation of the website, combining the needs of the customer with those of the users and choosing the most appropriate technology.

wordpress & c.

Using the most popular CMS platforms, we develop websites that allow even non-expert customers to easily and independently update the contents.

seo & sem
campaign management

Internet Marketing activities, carried out in order to channel the largest possible number of users interested in the content offered within its website.

social network
for companies

Social networks represent for the company a communication channel which is now indispensable in order to implement an effective strategy.

web & surroundings technologies & advice

artificial intelligence, AI developments in chatbots

Online newspapers, social networks talk about it all the time but the first question that would arise is, what is artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence? And where is it applied in our daily life? In the IT sector, AI plays an important role both for the maturity acquired in the sector and for development

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cookies, the cornerstones of the Privacy Guarantor

«1. The cookies used must be declared. The professional firm must promptly list the cookies used or which it intends to use in the short term on its site. The periodic check. The studio must verify that only the cookies that are actually necessary for the purposes to be pursued are used and eliminate them all

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certifications partners & awards

We implement a simple and safe solution to all our customers to the need for legal compliance with the GDPR. 

Kamater Partner

Technological partner to whom we have entrusted all our VPS cloud server infrastructure constantly monitored and entirely managed by Nyx.


Weglot is the best website translator currently available on the market. Many of our projects have involved the use of this system.


Nyx is a partner of QBOXMAIL, tools and services for management of business emails. Qboxmail is a cloud business email management service.